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Spend Valentine’s Day with An Elderly Loved One

Posted by Crystal Parks on Feb 14, 2014 7:52:31 AM


There's something special about Valentine’s Day. Chocolate, a fragrant bouquet of red roses and the always welcome valentine card. As we enjoy these holiday favorites, let us not forget those who desire an outpouring of affection on this holiday. our seniors. If you have an elderly loved one, make the most of this holiday as an opportunity to express your love and admiration in holiday style. Valentine’s Day is a day to share your time and spread the love.

Here are some ways you and an elder can spend time together:

•    Play Valentine's Bingo
:  Play Bingo by aiming to create a “heart-shaped” win instead of traditional rows. Changing the cards from Bingo letters to names of famous older actors/singers is a creative twist that can spark past memories.

•    Valentine's Day Art with a Neighbor: Making a card for a next-door neighbor is a great way to incorporate art into the holiday. This activity is not only fun for you and an elder, but it also offers her/him a chance to make someone else’s day. Adding chocolate or a baked treat to the card is also ideal.

•    For a group activity, have a mani-party:  Have available all shades of pink and red nail polish to offer the gift of massage and beauty with beautiful nails for the ladies.

•    An Ice Cream or Cooking Social: Make sugar free desserts and invite other friends and family over to join in on creating an edible masterpiece. This way, everyone can be included, whether it is frosting the cupcakes or enjoying great conversation.

•   Movie and Mall: For seniors who love to get out, but don’t do well with a lot of traveling, the movie theatre provides entertainment without encountering mobility issues. The mall provides a social setting with food, music and lots of people watching. 

Remember, your friends and family will always prefer your time over an expensive gift.  Therefore, make Valentine’s Day the first footprint of a closer walk with your senior.

Happy Valentine's Day!



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