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2013 Best in KLAS Awards: Home Health Software & Services

Posted by Crystal Parks on Feb 3, 2014 4:45:48 PM


KLAS Research released the Best in KLAS Homecare Report. Delta Health Technologies was listed as a leader in multiple categories including part of the long-term business plans for agencies and delivers new technology that solves for interoperability. See how Delta Health Technologies ranks in the KLAS Homecare Report.

In case you missed it, the 2013 Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Services report was just released. This report ranks the best-performing software and services vendors across a wide range of market segments, including electronic medical records (EMRs), cardiology systems, application hosting, and many others.
Download the report

For vendors, the report delivers insight into the market position, strengths and weaknesses of hundreds of software products and services - offering a useful resource to support product development efforts and competitive research.

In addition to the 2013 Best in KLAS awards, KLAS has also published the 2013 Mid-Term Performance Review: Medical Equipment & Infrastructure report, which profiles dozens of medical equipment and infrastructure vendors, providing a detailed look at the performance of each company's product line. For information on purchasing the report, please visit the KLAS Web site or contact your KLAS representative at 800-920-4109.

About KLAS

KLAS is a research firm on a global mission to improve healthcare delivery by enabling providers to be heard and counted. Working with thousands of healthcare professionals and clinicians, KLAS gathers data on software, services, medical equipment, and infrastructure systems to deliver timely reports, trends, and statistical overviews. The research directly represents the provider voice and acts as a catalyst for improving vendor performance. 

KLAS helps healthcare providers make informed technology decisions by reporting accurate, honest, and impartial vendor performance data. KLAS independently monitors vendor performance through the active participation of thousands of healthcare organizations, using a stringent methodology to ensure all data and ratings are accurate, honest, and impartial.

Facts about KLAS:

  • KLAS conducts over 1,900 healthcare provider interviews per month, working with over 4,500 hospitals and over 3,000 doctor's offices and clinics
  • KLAS is independently owned and operated
  • KLAS has ratings on over 250 healthcare technology vendors and over 900 products and services
  • KLAS publishes approximately 40 performance and perception reports per year
  • KLAS is headquartered in Orem, Utah, with independent researchers working throughout North America
  • The name KLAS is an acronym comprising a letter from each of the founders' names.


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