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Home Health Clinical Documentation Best Practices

Increase Clinician Satisfaction and Home Health Outcomes

Eliminate the Chaos of Inaccurate Documentation

In today’s Medicare world, clinicians hold the power. Clinical decisions determine the patient’s home health care plan and satisfaction as well as affect Medicare reimbursement. 

Some clinicians believe that completing home health clinical documentation in the home takes away from the level of care they are providing.  However, if clinicians are not completing their documentation in the patient’s home, what is the result on your agency’s health? 

At Delta Health Technologies, we empathize with your commitment to the needs of your patients and to their families while minimizing your costs. We want you to satisfy your patients and maximize your agency’s efficiency. One part of achieving this is to ensure clinical documentation is accurate.  Our latest home health best practices eBook will show you the benefits of in-home documentation and how it affects Medicare reimbursement.

Download our eBook today, and learn what affects clinicians completing their documentation in the patient’s home can have on your Home Health Five Star Rating and your bottom line.

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