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Our Crescendo Hospice Software Solution features hospice-specific, validated assessment tools, and standardized interdisciplinary documentation to concurrently trend patients' decline while following best practice workflow 



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The Crescendo Hospice Software includes:

  • Symptom and Pain Management
  • Validated Assessment Tools 
  • Interdisciplinary Comprehensive Assessment, Plan of Care, and Team Meeting
  • Documentation based on Level/Location of Care
  • Bereavement Management
  • QAPI
  • Hospice Quality Measures Compliance


Life is so much easier and more efficient with a single patient record.


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Our Mission


Your mission is caring for the patients and their families. Our mission is to make that as easy as possible for you with an integrated EMR specially created for Hospice.


Our cloud-based application for Hospice providers is designed for symptom management, hospice-specific validated assessment tools, standardized interdisciplinary documentation, and added functionality to concurrently trend patients' decline, all in a manner consistent with hospice industry workflow.


The IDT remains at the core of the design facilitating a centralized case management model with new features allowing all levels of care to promote documentation compliance, consistency of care, and case management efficiency throughout the hospice episode.


GIP, facilities, and respite care will be easier to manage with the separation between levels of care and location of care.


At Delta Health Technologies®, we have a long-standing reputation as the innovation leader for home healthcare technology. We’re confident in our offerings because we’ve developed each of our products using advanced technology, client input, and innovative solutions. We'll work with you to uncover your company's most important business challenges, design a customized plan to fit your specific needs, and give ongoing support throughout the process. 

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