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Change is inevitable, and the current regulatory landscape within the hospice industry is changing at a rapid rate. As a hospice professional, you have many demands placed on you on a day-to-day basis. Whether you’re responsible for billing, technology, direct patient/caregiver interaction or overseeing the entire agency, exceeding your job capabilities while staying abreast of these changes is challenging to say the least.


At Delta Health Technologies, we empathize with your challenges and would like to help to ease some of the pressure from you and your staff. That’s why we’re offering you a succinct e-book that addresses how to apply these new hospice CMS regulations to your agency.


Our eBook address the following:

  • NQF #0209 will soon become obsolete; discover the seven new measures vying to take its place.
  • The first thing you should do to efficiently manage your reporting in light of the new regulations
  • Patient recommendations that focus on improving coordination of care
  • Why you should assess your current reporting to identify and modify specific procedures
  • How to protect your agency with the new reporting requirements


Download our e-book today, and learn how you can adapt your agency policies and procedures to meet the new regulatory guidelines.

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