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Home Healthcare and Hospice Modernized with Crescendo 2.0

Seamlessly integrated real-time patient information from a single EMR


Delta Health Technologies continues to modernize home-based care with the Crescendo 2.0. This release builds upon the software solutions' great success with new features that bring better accuracy and enhanced simplicity to the clinical documentation process. Clinicians are able to blend their expertise with intuitive documentation guidance, regulatory compliant workflows, automated process prompts and alerts, patient education, and other time-saving tools improving the pace of documentation.

Coordinated, value-based, IDT, private, and emerging care models are supported with consistent, accurate patient documentation. Patient information is accessible real-time in the financial, billing and scheduling modules of Crescendo 2.0 - facilitating back office operations, financial throughput, and interoperability needs.   

Crescendo 2.0 builds upon the software solutions’ great success with new features that include:

CarryForward for Clinical Documentation:

  • Reduces data entry by up to 50% and eliminates the time pressure that encourages “documentation shortcuts,” which can lead to payment denials or worse.
  • Critical items are entered once and then are automatically brought forward to populate other related areas, dramatically reducing redundant manual data entry, and eliminating data entry errors.

Clinical AutoSave:

  • Automatically saves the clinical documentation periodically “behind the scenes” while documentation is in progress, reducing the risk of lost data.
  • Information is temporarily saved and stored on the device until the document has been completed and incorporated into the clinical record.

Administrative Override:

  • Provides a set of controls allowing agency-designated staff to make corrections, updates, and edits to patient documentation while preserving electronic medical record standards.
  • Provides management with a process to track mistakes, and target additional education to further help their teams reduce errors and improve timely workflow.

Electronic Referral Management:

  • The intake process is simplified and your staff will be more efficient using this “smart” review and editing module to process inbound patient referrals from all sources.
  • Once the patient data has been verified, the information automatically flows directly into Crescendo with no additional effort needed by intake staff.


  • Provides agencies with the ability to mine data from documentation of patient care and agency operations.
  • Provides secure access to the data, query, and report writing tools, allowing providers to create custom reports in tabular and graphic formats.

AutoRevenue Management:

  • Automates several parts of the billing and financial process reducing the time spent in set up and revenue management for each patient.
    • Automatic Payer Change
    • AutoPost

Authorization Genius:

  • Dramatically helps manage the use of authorization for care and reduces the incidence to uncovered care being delivered.
  • Services that are requested outside of the authorized services will generate an alert during scheduling further, reducing the incidence of unpaid care.

Google Maps® Mapping Service:

  • Effectively manages the effort and cost associated with travel and mileage.
  • Provides a range of solutions, including automated distance calculations, route finding, address verification, route directions, route maps, geographic coverage/area mapping, and route optimization.


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Delta Facts
  • 85% of clinicians prefer our home health solutions
  • 2x more clinical documentation completed in-home
  • 91% of customers say they will buy from us again
  • 92% of customers say we are part of their growth plans
  • Longest client relationship at 37 years and growing


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