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Resources for Effective Lobbying and Capitol Hill Visits by Home Care & Hospice Advocates

Posted by Crystal Parks on Oct 22, 2013 3:09:36 PM


The National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC) has developed a number of legislative priority “hotsheets” that home care & hospice advocates can use during their meetings with elected officials and staff during NAHC's Annual Meeting Lobby Day on October 31, 2013. There are separate hotsheets for Medicare, Medicaid, Hospice, Private Pay, and Technology issues.  

To access the Medicare Hotsheet, please click here.

To access the Medicaid Hotsheet, please click here.

To access the Private Pay Home Care Hotsheet, please click here.

To access the Technology Hotsheet, please click here.

The Hospice Hotsheet is still in development.

This year's Lobby Day is well timed, as Congress will be deeply engaged in budget negotiations during NAHC's Annual Meeting.  There will also be efforts underway by Congress to find offsets for the cost of fixing the flawed Medicare physician payment formula before physician payment cuts are scheduled to kick in January 1 of next year.

Below are some of the resources that are available for home care & hospice advocates for effective Capitol Hill visits.  In addition to the resources below, there are many other items on the Legislative Action Network that may also be helpful.

There are numerous handouts regarding the rebasing issue. The two to start with would be: Talking Points and HHPPS Proposed Rule Impact Overview.  Keep in mind that all of our advocacy around the rebasing rule will help lay the groundwork for the next fight NAHC expects over proposals to make further cuts in home health payments.  MedPAC has recommended additional home health payment cuts and the President’s budget included a proposal to cut 1.1 percentage point off the inflation updates for all post acute providers, including home health.

With respect to proposals to reintroduce copays into Medicare for home health services, the President proposed a home health copay of $100 on episodes not preceded by a hospital or nursing home stay, applied to new Medicare beneficiaries beginning in 2017.   Talk of renewed efforts to achieve a “grand bargain” along the lines of the Simpson-Bowles proposal raises concerns, as Simpson Bowles proposed a uniform 20 percent copay on all Medicare services, including home health and hospice.  Below you will find an issue brief on copays and copay talking points, as well as two items on the Face-to-Face issue. 


Talking Points

Home Health Rebasing White Paper

House Home Health Rebasing Letter

Senate Home Health Rebasing Letter

Impact Projections Congressional District-2014-2017

Impact Projections State and National 2014-2017

HHPPS Proposed Rule_Issue Overview

HHPPS Proposed Rule_Infographic: Home Health Cuts Don't Add Up

HHPPS Proposed Rule_Impact Overview

HHPPS Proposed Rule_Impact on Jobs and Small Business

HHPPS Proposed Rule_Impact on Medically Underserved Communities

HH Cuts_State-by-State Dollar Impact (Avalere Health)

HHPPS Proposed Rule State Rebasing Impact One Pagers


Home Health Copay Issue Brief

Home Health Copay Talking Points


House Face to Face Letter to CMS

Talking Points/Issue Brief


From the NAHC Report Article 




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