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Reminder of the Completion and Submission Timeframes for Hospice Item Set Records

Posted by Crystal Parks on Sep 26, 2014 12:52:57 PM


As has been previously communicated by CMS, all Medicare-certified hospices are required to complete and submit a Hospice Item Set (HIS)-Admission record and HIS-Discharge record for patient admissions on or after July 1, 2014. 

Hospices should complete and submit each record according to the timeliness criteria outlined below:

  • HIS Record Completion: The Completion Date is defined as the date all required information has been collected and recorded and staff have signed and dated that the record is complete. Hospices have 14 days from admission to complete HIS-Admission records and 7 days from discharge to complete HIS-Discharge records.
  • HIS Record Submission: The Submission Date is defined as the date on which the completed record is submitted and accepted to the QIES ASAP System. Hospices have 30 days from a patient admission or discharge to submit the appropriate HIS record for that patient to the QIES ASAP System.

Find out who to contact with questions regarding completing and submitting HIS and resources available in the NAHC Report article


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