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National Home Care and Hospice State of the Industry Study – What is the rest of the home care and hospice industry doing?

Posted by Crystal Parks on Sep 30, 2014 9:00:00 AM


Agencies are looking at their systems as a way to achieve the goal of becoming a partner in newly emerging health systems and be the most competitive agency.  

Below are some of the findings Bob Fazzi, Ed. D, President and CEO of Fazzi Associates presented at Delta’s 2014 National Customer Forum earlier this month.

Flawless and accurate management of data, billing, finances and HR is critical to the success of an agency. You need backroom and point of care technology, electronic health record, and telehealth.

  1. Backroom IT and Data System
  • 75.7% have a financial billing or back office software system that they purchased or leased
  1. Point of Care and Data Systems
  • 57.5% use point of care devices to collect patient information
  • 41.4% say their clinicians’ document via a point of care system while physically in the patient’s home
  • 31.2% of those using point of care systems are in the highest 25% in quality; 18.6% are in the lowest in quality
  1. Electronic Health Record (integrated)
  • An integrated EHR will ultimately be a requirement to participate in health care
  • 78.1% presently have an HER; 36.6% say they will purchase one in the next twelve months
  1. Telehealth System
  • Ultimately telehealth will be a core service in the new health care environment
  • 28.8% currently have a telehealth system;  19.4% say they are planning on implementing one in the next twelve months

Learn more about what those surveyed are doing and about operational practices by downloading the free National Home Care and Hospice State of the Industry Study.


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