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Leading Home Care Shares Preview of Private Duty Benchmarking Results

Posted by Rachel Alden on May 29, 2014 4:24:02 PM


Stephen Tweed at Leading Home Care shared a sneak preview of the Home Care Pulse 2014 Private Duty Benchmarking Study. Here's an excerpt of what they shared:

This year’s sample was slightly smaller than last year – 551 companies compared to 617 – the growth numbers are significant.

  • The median sized company increased from $1,160,000 to $1,398,090.
  • The net ordinary income for the median sized company was 23.5% of revenue
  • The median sized companies are bigger on the east coast and west coast, and smaller in the south, central, and great lakes regions
  • 70% of revenue is coming from private pay and 9% from long term care insurance.
  • The number one referral sources is past and current clients
  • The number one  marketing method for referral marketing is making sales calls
  • The number one marketing method for consumer marketing is internet SEO
  • The number one thing that sets providers apart from their competitors is Caregiver Quality
  • The number one threat facing home care companies is caregiver shortages
  • The median sales conversion ratio from Inquiries to Assessments was 38.8%
  • The median sales conversion from Assessments to Admission was 80.6%
  • The median cost of acquiring a new client was $478.57

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