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How to Turn Your Clients Into Your Best Referrals

Posted by Rachel Alden on May 12, 2014 9:44:39 AM


Last week, we ran across an article written by Aaron Marcum, CEO & Founder of Home Care Pulse, entitled "Four Proven Strategies to Turn Your Clients into Your Best Promoters." In his article, he shares the following four strategies for increasing your client referrals:

  1. Produce the Ultimate Client Experience
  2. Establish & Promote Your Unique-abilities
  3. Formalize the Asking
  4. Identify Your Best Promoters

We really appreciated his advice about your "unique-abilities." So, we're including the copy below.

Ten years ago consumers looking for home care had to dig a lot more to find home care businesses who offered private pay/duty-type care. This has drastically changed over the years. In today’s market, consumers have many more choices when looking for a home care business, and you must find ways to stand out among the crowd and really “wow” your clients from the beginning until the end. This is your front stage performance as mentioned in the -first strategy. At Home Care Pulse, we call it your unique-abilities,” or in other words: “what makes you so special?”

Whether your unique-abilities include 24/7 on-call support, caregiver training can endorsed by your local health department, or proof of the quality of care you can provide; the most important thing is to identify what your unique-abilities are. The purpose behind this exercise is two-fold. 1) To consistently remind your clients and their loved ones why they continue to use you over anyone else. Remember they are human and may forget what makes you so unique. If they are consistently reminded by you and your team, the benefits they are receiving will stand out. 2) If they are consistently reminded by you and your team, the benefits they are receiving will remain more in their mind for future retrieval when speaking to a friend or neighbor who might be in need of your care.

What makes your agency so special?

To download the full white paper, click here


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