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Caring.com Releases 2014 Senior Care Cost Index Report

Posted by Rachel Alden on Sep 24, 2014 11:11:40 AM


This month, Caring.com released a report from its annual Usage and Attitudes Survey of family caregivers of older adults in the United States. The survey asks questions about the financial impact of caring for a loved one.

We have included a few of the survey's key findings about the cost of caregiving, and we highly recommend reviewing the report in its entirety. We hope that this information helps you market to your potential home care clients and their families.

Nearly half (46%) of family caregivers spent more than $5,000 annually in caregiving costs (e.g., medications, medical bills, in-home care and nursing homes).
One-third of family caregivers (33%) spend more than 30 hours per week on caregiving, making it almost the equivalent of a full-time job.
For 43% of family caregivers, deciding on a senior care or senior housing option took only one month.
For 21% of family caregivers, the decision process took six months or more.

Source: Caring.Com, Family Caregiver Usage & Attitudes Survey, 2014




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