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NAHC’s Annual Meeting Education Tracks in Focus: Hospice

Posted by Crystal Parks on Sep 10, 2013 3:37:00 PM


This year’s Annual Meeting – being held October 31 – November 3 in Washington, DC – has a wide range of educational sessions for professionals in every segment of the home care and hospice community.

Below is a sampling of the many educational offerings available for those pursing the hospice track:

Palliative Care and Hospice in an Accountable Care Model

This session will provide an overview of palliative care in relation to other services as an opportunity in new payment models for the successful management of the seriously ill population. Considerations for successful implementation and sustainability will be reviewed. Opportunities and barriers for program integration across the care continuum will also be discussed.

Modeling Hospice Changes to Prepare For Medicare Reimbursement and Care Delivery Reform

This program will provide insight into current and anticipated reimbursement challenges that Medicare hospice providers face in the coming years, with special emphasis on the status of hospice payment reform. Hospice experts will walk attendees through how their organizations are preparing to meet the current and upcoming challenges.


It has become ever more difficult to determine the last days of a person’s life. The causes of death have increasingly shifted to chronic diseases, leading to varying, complicated, and subtle trajectories of decline. Limited research into the final stages of many chronic diseases further complicates prognosis. This program will be a review of the latest concepts and tools for prognostication that can improve accuracy in determining the final stages of a disease trajectory.

Hospice Association of America Open Forum and Policy Roundup

The Medicare Hospice Program has entered an era of rapid change that is being driven by regulatory and legislative initiatives. This session will provide insight into the latest regulatory issues hospice providers must address, as well as changes that are anticipated in the not-too-distant future. The session will also serve as an opportunity for attendees to become acquainted with staff and leadership of NAHC’s Hospice Association of America.

"This year's Annual Meeting rises to the level of the challenges we face," said Theresa Forster, NAHC's Vice President from Hospice Policy & Programs. "We have educational programs that will help prepare hospice providers for the bumpy road ahead - be it navigating a new payment system, marketing your programs to a changing healthcare and payment landscape, or meeting the numerous new regulatory requirements being imposed by federal agencies. The Annual Meeting will help make sense of it all, and I hope to see you all there!"

To review all of the hospice sessions being offered at this year’s Annual Meeting, please click here.

To register for this year’s Annual Meeting, please click here

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