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CMS Answers Stakeholders on Dual Eligibles for Medicaid

Posted by Crystal Parks on Sep 3, 2013 9:37:00 AM


On June 19, thirty-three stakeholders (the Stakeholders), including the National Council on Medicaid Home Care, NAHC, National Council on Aging, National Health Law Program, National Senior Citizens Law Center, The Arc of the United States, and other provider and consumer organizations sent a letter (The Stakeholder Letter) to Melanie Bella, Director of the Medicare-Medicaid Coordination Office at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). The letter calls for reforms to the dual eligible demonstrations (the Demonstrations).

The Stakeholder Letter highlighted concerns and recommendations in ten major categories. Melanie Bella (Bella) partly responded to these concerns and recommendations in a letter dated August 9 (The Bella Response).

The Bella Response largely did not satisfy the recommendations and requests of the Council and the other Stake- holders. In some areas, such as the ombuds program, CMS responded quite affirmatively to the Council’s suggestions, but in most other areas, CMS was not sufficiently responsive.

Bella’s measured reply mirrored past CMS answers to stakeholder requests regarding the Demonstrations, such as previous recommendations regarding the ombudsman programs and California’s Demonstration. 

Home care providers should note that the Council will continue to pursue much needed reforms for the Demonstrations, and the Council encourages other stakeholders to continue advocating as well. Home care providers are encouraged to keep abreast of Demonstration developments on CMS’ website, and to contact the Council with any questions or concerns.

The Stakeholder Letter and Bella Response are discussed in an issue brief that was recently release by the National Council on Medicare Home Care.

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From the NAHC Report article

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