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Be more effective in finding and keeping home care caregivers

Posted by Crystal Parks on Oct 12, 2015 9:13:17 AM


home care caregiver quality assurance

The biggest obstacle facing private duty owners and administrators who want to grow their business is finding and keeping quality caregivers. Companies who can recruit and retain the best people will continue to be the most competitive in their marketplace in the future.    

Over the years, Leading Home Care has conducted extensive research as to the best methods to help home care companies recruit, select, and retain quality caregivers.  

On October 8th, Stephen Tweed and Diane West from Leading Home Care...A Tweed Jeffries Company, described in detail their findings and how this information can be applied to help companies be more effective in finding and keeping caregivers.

As a result of this webinar, participants were able to:

  • Share their research in caregiver recruiting and selection
  • Describe the most effective recruiting technique
  • Develop a process for better caregiver selection
  • Increase caregiver retention and satisfaction

Stephen Tweed, CSP, has spent the last 25 years working with home care organizations that want to grow and with home care leaders who want to get ready for the future.  He is currently Chairman and CEO of Leading Home Care …a Tweed Jeffries company.

Diane West is Chief Operating Officer at Leading Home Care and Program Manager for Caregiver Quality Assurance®, a program for employee selection and retention using online pre-employment assessments.

If you’re eager to learn new methods to help you recruit, select, and retain quality caregivers, we encourage you to view a recording of the AppointMate & Caregiver Quality Assurance webinar.

View the recorded webinar

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