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NAHC Summarizes What Home Care Providers Need to Know After Lawsuit Win

Posted by Rachel Alden on Jan 22, 2015 2:26:37 PM

In a NAHC Report released today, NAHC provided a very helpful article entitled "NAHC Wins Lawsuit: What Home Care Providers Need to Know Now." The article discusses the implications and next steps following the court's invalidation of the Department of Labor's overtime rule.

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Home Care Community Wins Victory Negating OT Rule in Federal Court

Posted by Rachel Alden on Dec 23, 2014 8:46:32 AM

Yesterday, the National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC) announced a key victory for NAHC and the home care community which negates the overtime rule in federal court. The following excerpt is from the NAHC e-newsletter.

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Finding the Perfect Caregiver & Client Match

Posted by Rachel Alden on Nov 26, 2014 3:56:55 PM

During a recent family visit, my sister, a home health occupational therapist, described her observations of a variety of local private duty caregivers. As she shared her experiences with another family member seeking a caregiver, she clearly perceived some private duty home care agencies as superior to others based on the quality of their caregivers.

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Introducing AppointMate Companion - GPS Telephony & Task Entry

Posted by Rachel Alden on Nov 19, 2014 9:41:53 AM

Delta Health Technologies® is proud to announce the availability of AppointMate® Companion -- a tool allowing caregivers to clock in and out and to view care plan tasks on their smartphones.

Delta created Companion to help our customers improve care plan compliance and provide more opportunities for their caregivers. This new tool gives caregivers the information that they need at their fingertips. 

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Private Duty Care Plan Compliance

Posted by Rachel Alden on Nov 14, 2014 4:00:00 PM

While the private duty home care industry may not be regulated by one single federal entity, providers face a variety of rules and requirements from state programs and payers who require documentation of completed care plan tasks.

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